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According to a 2019 United Ways report, over half of Dallas households are unable to afford basic needs. And because of COVID-19, poverty is expected to reach its most drastic levels in 50 years.
As educators, we have noticed that one of the most common signs of poverty is the exaggeration of wear and tear in the shoes of children. As avid shoe lovers or "sneaker heads," we aim to build confidence and hope by gifting new shoes to students in need. 
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Jesse Acosta
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Alejandra Zendejas
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Pasos for Oak Cliff, a non-profit, is set up by Jesse Acosta, a high school teacher, and Alejandra Zendejas, a math tutor. We both consider ourselves "sneakerheads." 


As sneakerhead educators and members of the community, we are fully aware that parents and guardians struggle to supply some basic necessities for their children - this is especially true when it comes to shoes.


As a result, we decided to turn our LOVE for sneakers into a proactive start up - Pasos for Oak Cliff.  The goal of Pasos for Oak Cliff  is to give students new shoes. The lack of good quality shoes leads to discomfort, ridicule, bullying, and isolation. We can prevent that from 

happening, but we cannot do it alone, we need YOUR SUPPORT.  


Click "DONATE" to learn more about why and how to donate. 


Click "WFAA ARTICLE" to learn more about us.

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