We are excited to announce “Pasos Con! presented by Pasos for Oak Cliff.


We are combining our successful fundraisers and giveaways with an exciting event to create the perfect blend of fun and generosity! Pasos Con will be a vintage swap meet with local music and food vendors. Besides the fun, we are having a giveaway - each $5 admission donation will get you a ticket for the raffle. The purpose of the event is too fundraise for Pasos’ initiatives: shoe drives, scholarships, and the Pasos scholars program. We expect to see ya soon! 

See the details below.


September 12, 2021, from 11AM-5-PM, will be the first ever Pasos Con.


  • Vendor Donation:

    • $40, includes a table and a 10x10 space. (40 slots are available) 

  • Attendee Donation: $5 

    • Every $5 one donates, it enters them for a giveaway.


  • Giveaway Prizes: Hype beast Sneakers / Cash / Other



Want to Sponsor? Email:

Pasos Con 2021