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440 Pairs of Shoes Collected with SoleSavy, Centre, & Magnolia!

On August 20-21, 2021, SoleSavy, a North American sneaker community with members all over the United States and Canada, visited Dallas, Texas to partner with Centre and Magnolia Skate Shop. The goal was to collect new and slightly used shoe donations for Pasos for Oak Cliff, so that they could be given to economically disadvantaged students. Alongside the shoe drive, Pasos hosted an online donation based giveaway with a chance to win a pair of Travis x Fragment Low 1s, Jordan 1 High “UNC,” or Jordan 4 “UNION.”

Many SoleSavy members traveled from different parts of the state, country, and even from Canada. Upon their arrival, they rented a van to be able to carry all the shoes and brought limited edition t-shirts to give out to our donors.

The fundraiser began on Friday, August 20th, at 5PM, and it was held at Centre in Dallas, TX. The SoleSavy crew were the first to donate 50 new pairs of shoes (ranging from Air Force 1s, Jordan 1 Mids, and Kyries), which were shipped prior to the event. Centre also contributed by bringing out their own pairs. Throughout the day we had people dropping off shoes, some being familiar faces like Andrew, Luigi, and Gretta (all past fundraiser donors), up until it ended at 8PM. It was a great time with people taking pictures, getting free shirts, talking about sneakers, and making connections. Day 1 concluded with 144 new pairs donated, 78 used pairs donated, and $3,000+ raised for the online giveaway.

On Saturday, August 21st at 12PM, Pasos and SoleSavy headed to Fort Worth, TX where Centre and Magnolia Skate Shop also kindly shared their space with us to collect more shoes. Additionally, this Centre location donated even more pairs of shoes. The Dallas Morning News sent a reporter halfway through the event and was able to get some pictures of the co-founders of Pasos for Oak Cliff inside Centre and spoke to SoleSavy members. Later, a student from Fort Worth showed up to pick up a pair of Air Force 1 Nikes. Day 2 concluded with 174 new pairs donated, 22 used pairs donated, and $1,500+ raised for the online giveaway.

Overall, the two day event was bigger than expected and filled with tons of fun. The SoleSavy crew went above and beyond to organize and execute this fundraisers. They also held their own fundraiser and continued to encourage members to donate. Centre and Magnolia were also a huge help in this effort as these are two well known and trusted stores in the DFW metroplex. After these 2 days, about 440 pairs in total, including used and new shoes, were donated and about $4,500 was raised.

Although the shoe collection ended, the online fundraiser goes on until August 31, 2021. The fundraiser has now surpassed $7,000, equaling about 235 pairs of shoes.

To donate to the online fundraiser, please visit:

We are always accepting shoe or monetary donations.

To learn more about our partners for this event, please visit the following websites:

This fundraiser would have not been possible without them!

Check out our recap video of the event and SoleSavy's recap video.

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