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Methodist Hospital Staff Fundraises $2,100 for Pasos!

Christian and Veronica, nurses in Methodist Hospital's transplant unit, took initiative and started a fundraiser among their co-workers for Pasos for Oak Cliff (us, hehe). When Laura Motta, Methodist's Community Director, learned about the fundraiser, she decided to upscale the fundraiser into an official partnership between Methodist and Pasos.

Their goal was to fundraise enough for 100 pairs of shoes to give to students in need (approximately $3,000).

The fundraiser launched on October 8, 2021 and closed on November 5, 2021. It concluded with $1,600 fundraised from the staff and with a $500 donation from Methodist Hospital, totaling at $2,100 (about 70 pairs of shoes).

Methodist's nurses will also be joining Pasos for Oak Cliff on their December shoe drives.

Want to launch your own fundraiser? Email us at!

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